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A laristorante

The restaurant

In the center of Verona, the Restaurant Ponte Pietra

A laRestaurant

The Ponte Pietra bases were laid over 2000 years ago. Rome was the center of the Western Empire, Gaius Julius Caesar was in power. Near Ponte Pietra, in the heart of the historic center of Verona, magnificent buildings built on ancient Romanesque stones still stand today: the nearest building, the first which is presented to the visitor, houses the Ponte Pietra Restaurant.

InsideThe Story

The restaurant, completely renovated and elegantly furnished with furniture from the 1800s, offers its guests an elegant and refined atmosphere; the rooms overlook the Adige river, offering one of the most romantic and evocative views that the city of Verona can offer.


After the experience of the Bottega del Vino, Gianni Pascucci offers his guests a new ambience with unique characteristics. At sunset, the sun's rays filter down from the hills to lap the waters of the river in a cardinal red light; the ancient walls of the restaurant are thus coloured with a romantic and fascinating atmosphere, creating an intimate and suffused setting.

Ponte Pietra Suite